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NOTICE (Europrotocol)

Accident insurance for hotel residents


Hotel accident insurance is a popular service among tourists. This is a reliable financial protection in case of unforeseen situations. Often the owners of hotels are negligent towards their guests, so it will be useful to insure against an accident at the hotel.


Death of the Policyholder or damage to his health due to:

Contusion, injury, dislocation or fracture of the bone, complete rupture of the muscles of the ligament, tendon, traumatic injury to internal organs;
Burns, injuries, including soft tissue trauma with the formation of significant scars or extensive age spots;
Electric shock, compression, drowning;
Loss of teeth, rupture of the tympanic membrane, penetrating injury to the eye;
Poisonous insect bite. 

The cases specified in clause (A) are considered insured if they happened to the Insured during the validity period of the insurance contract, while he was in the hotel building, and also confirmed by a certificate from a medical institution.

The object of insurance is property interests related to the life and health of the policyholder (insured person).