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NOTICE (Europrotocol)

Pledged vehicle insurance



Theft of the insured vehicle without the purpose of theft, by unlawful seizure of it.
Theft - the illegal seizure and / or circulation of someone else's property in favor of the guilty person or other persons, committed for a mercenary purpose, which has caused damage to the owner or other owner of this property.
Fire - means a fire in the form of an open flame, which is accompanied by combustion and spread beyond the source of ignition.
Explosion - Explosion is a destructive manifestation of pressure force based on the expansion of gases and vapors (a very fast chemical reaction of an unstable system). In this case, fires are possible. The issue of paying the insurance indemnity is resolved in the same way as in the case of the death and / or damage of the insured vehicle as a result of a fire.
Object Impact - means any object has been hit or dropped onto a vehicle, resulting in damage to the vehicle or damage to the windshield and / or door windows.
Road traffic accident (RTA) means an event that occurred with the insured vehicle as a road user (collision, rollover, fall, collision, etc.) regardless of whether the insured vehicle was moving or not moving, as a result of which there was damage to the vehicle.
Unlawful actions of third parties - actions of third parties aimed at damaging or destroying the insured vehicle.

The object of insurance is the property interests of the Insured associated with the possession, disposal, use of property as a result of its damage or destruction.